Decadent Snack of the Week

These bacon wrapped crackers were my decadent snack of the week.  Three simple ingredients; crackers, bacon, and Parmesan cheese.  And, oh my goodness, melt in your mouth good!

Find the original recipe from the Pioneer Woman here:

Lovely bacon wrapped goodies!

Lovely bacon wrapped goodies!

I used generic versions of the Club Crackers.  Be sure to use THIN bacon.  If you can’t it’s okay, you’ll just not have the bacon wrapped around the entire cracker.  The only thing I modified was the cheese filling, I combined grated Parmesan cheese with some fresh, grated Parmesan cheese.  I also added some crumbled, dried basil.  Do be careful to watch the time.  Some of mine turned out a bit on the crispy side.  I would recommend setting a timer.