Powell Gardens

The water garden.

The water garden.

The Powell Gardens in Kansas City, MO is worth the visit. I was lucky enough to visit last week with my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and her two boys. I had to laugh because one of the boys (he’s 11) mentioned something about the possibility of snakes. Snakes are my husband’s sworn arch-nemesis.

The Powell Gardens takes a whole day. We spent four hours just walking around and even then we didn’t cover everything. If you live in Nebraska (anywhere in the Midwest really) check out their Prairie garden. It’s quite beautiful. They also have a water garden, a “white” garden, and a gorgeous chapel worth checking out. The chapel’s a great place to cool down!

But let’s get to the best part-food! Powell Gardens offers quite a bit of fresh veggies for sale. I was even able to get some seeds, Walking Egyptian onion bulbs, and Elephant Garlic for my garden. The seeds are all exotic stuff; salsify, white tomatoes, and an exotic eggplant. So looking forward to next year’s spring!

Another pleasant surprise at Powell Gardens was their food stand, Cafe Thyme. They had a lot of healthy options, including gluten free stuff. I loved their Popsicle. I had a honey mint cantaloupe. Delicious! So if you’re in the Kansas City check it out!

The down and dirty:

Adults: $10- We paid $12 because there’s a festival going on.
Seniors: $9
Children (5-12): $4

Source: powellgardens.org/visiting


3 thoughts on “Powell Gardens

  1. This is so beautiful! Nice capture. Followed.
    I’m fairly new to blogging and would love if you checked out my blog. (:

    • I checked out your blog and was impressed. Very nicely put together! I really liked the gluten free recipes because I do a lot of gluten free cooking myself. Keep blogging!

      • Thank you! Means a lot! The gluten free is fairly new for me so I’ve been searching the web for ideas. So happy you enjoyed my blog!

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