A Foodie in Winter Park, Co.


Their Gellato is amazing!  Located in Cooper Creek Square, the Mountain Grind is a cozy little coffee house and bistro with outdoor seating.  Cooper Creek Square itself is a beautiful little shopping mall with lots of flowers, murals, a fountain, and a small playground for kids.  The Mountain Grind also offers wines, soup, fudge and baked goods.  The fudge is not overly sweet.  And best of all, they have a dark chocolate flavor!

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAThe TAB Fine Art Gallery is next to the Rise and Shine Bakery.  If you’re a salmon lover enjoy their lox bagel sandwich.  If you’re a vegetarian it’s a great spot for french toast, pancakes, or a bagel with avocado.  Expect to pay an average of $8.95 for any of the bagel sandwiches.  If nothing else get a large glass of orange juice and enjoy the neat decor!

The TAB Fine Art Gallery is a great place to find different styles of artwork.  There’s a lot of large acrylic paintings, artwork on metal, or even smaller canvas pieces.  The artwork has a strong emphasis (like most of the galleries in Winter Park, CO) on nature.  Also check out Framewerx for unique frames, signs, and artwork.  And give the resident Collie a scratch on the belly!


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