Enjoy this short article on fall gardening.

Cantaloupe plant.

Cantaloupe plant.


Grilled Leeks and Tomatoes

This is an experiment I tried over the weekend.  It had limited success.  It tasted good.  But I hadn’t thought of the mayo melting when it was put on the grill.

Leeks and Tomatoes before being grilled.

Leeks and Tomatoes before being grilled.

Here’s what I did:

I trimmed the very top leaves and the bottom off the leek. This left me with the tender pale green part of the plant.  I sliced the leek in half.  Make sure to rinse off whatever grit is lodged between the leek’s layers. I laid the leek halves out on foil.  To make the filling I chopped some fresh red onion and yellow onion from the garden (tops included).  I added 1/4 cup olive oil mayo, two finely chopped garlic cloves, and two slices of bacon, chopped.  I had some leftover bacon from BLTs the night before.  I also threw in some chopped garlic chives and basil from the garden. I sliced some fresh Roma tomatoes from the garden and arranged them on top of some washed, rainbow Swiss chard from the garden.  I topped the tomatoes and Swiss chard with grated Parmesan cheese.  I folded the foil around everything like a square packet.  Then it got put on the grill for about ten to fifteen minutes.

Here’s the result:

Leeks with filling and tomatoes after being grilled.

Leeks with filling and tomatoes after being grilled.

No Bun No Problem

Yummy venison burger topped with veggies.

Yummy venison burger topped with veggies.

This yummy venison burger needs no bun.  Instead I topped it with some great veggies.  Here’s what I did:

I took three baby bella mushrooms, washed them, and sliced them.  I cooked them in a pan with some olive oil over medium heat.  I also added some rainbow Swiss chard from the garden.  Add some finely minced garlic and finely chopped basil.  I used purple and sweet basil from my garden.  Saute (cook) for about ten to fifteen minutes.  Or until mushrooms are tender.  Turn heat off and cover with a lid.  Take a avocado and slice in half.  Remove the pit.  Scoop out the rest.  Slice cross-wise.  Top your burger with the mushroom/Swiss chard and avocados.  There you go!  A great burger with no gluten!  Other ideas for low calorie toppings include:

-sliced onion

-seeded, sliced, and roasted Anaheim peppers


A Foodie in Winter Park, Co.


Their Gellato is amazing!  Located in Cooper Creek Square, the Mountain Grind is a cozy little coffee house and bistro with outdoor seating.  Cooper Creek Square itself is a beautiful little shopping mall with lots of flowers, murals, a fountain, and a small playground for kids.  The Mountain Grind also offers wines, soup, fudge and baked goods.  The fudge is not overly sweet.  And best of all, they have a dark chocolate flavor!

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAThe TAB Fine Art Gallery is next to the Rise and Shine Bakery.  If you’re a salmon lover enjoy their lox bagel sandwich.  If you’re a vegetarian it’s a great spot for french toast, pancakes, or a bagel with avocado.  Expect to pay an average of $8.95 for any of the bagel sandwiches.  If nothing else get a large glass of orange juice and enjoy the neat decor!

The TAB Fine Art Gallery is a great place to find different styles of artwork.  There’s a lot of large acrylic paintings, artwork on metal, or even smaller canvas pieces.  The artwork has a strong emphasis (like most of the galleries in Winter Park, CO) on nature.  Also check out Framewerx for unique frames, signs, and artwork.  And give the resident Collie a scratch on the belly!

Review of Fontenot in Winter Park, Co.

My husband and I enjoyed a wonderful meal at Fontenots Seafood & Grill in Winter Park, Co.  The restaurant was nicely decorated.  Our waiter was polite and efficient. The food was beautifully prepared and delicious.  I had their special, salmon with a prawn sauce.  The entree was served with equally good mashed potatoes and sauteed vegetables.  While the entrees are a good size they aren’t overly big.  However, I would recommend ordering either off the appetizer menu or just an entree.

The entree was served with a wonderful soup, black bean and chicken.  The soup was filling and hot.  There are several great appetizers; including prawns and southern fried green tomatoes.  Do expect to pay at least $50 if both of you order entrees.  If you are staying in Winter Park use coupons to your advantage.  My husband and I were able to get two free draft beers with our coupons.

Tip #1 – Unless you are planning to share or doing some heavy duty hiking the next day, avoid the pasta.  Pasta entrees tend to have a lot of cream and a big portion.

Tip #2 – Take into account everything you’ll be eating.  Take into consideration the bread your waiter will bring and the soup or salad.

Tip # 3 – Skip the appetizer.  You can always order appetizers later.  But chances are you’ll feel full with the entree.  We tend to order based on how hungry we think we are.  The only problem is this means we tend to order too much.