An Old Fashioned Italian Meal

Last night I treated my sister and brother-in-law to a meal at Iron Gate Continental Cuisine in Belmont, CA.  Belmont is just north of San Fransisco.  I must confess I felt a little girlish swoon come over me when our waiter called me senorita.  The waiters dress in nice suits.  The lighting is soft and the decor elegant without being pretentious.  I wore jeans and a nice shirt.  At first I felt a little underdressed.  But the waiter we had was so gracious the feeling went away.

The meal started with fresh, warm baguettes and real butter.  Yes, real butter!  Then it was on to smoked salmon for appetizer.  I love smoked salmon and don’t get it very often.  The food was so gorgeous looking!  I love seeing food presented as a work of art.  It says so much about how much care the chef has taken.

Then it was an asparagus salad with salad shrimp and mushrooms for my entree.  It was some of the best shrimp I’ve ever had!  No blandness!  The shrimp actually had some flavor!  I highly recommend ordering a glass of wine.  After all, the source is practically on your doorstep!

Then it was on to dessert!  My sister had vanilla bean ice cream.  I have to say it was very good.  I had a chocolate tort.  The tort was served with cream, a raspberry and mint.  I loved the rich, creamy taste.  And the serving was just right.  I highly recommend this restaurant!


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