Maple Roasted Plaintain


sliced plantain

1 TBSP butter

3 TBSP maple syrup (pure)


Peel the plantain and slice it into rounds.  Set aside.  Take a small saute pan and heat to medium.  Once it’s heated through, melt the butter in your pan.  Add the sliced plantains.

I like to slide the plantains around the pan a little.  I find this helps prevent them from sticking.  Allow the plantains to cook in the butter for a few minutes.  Add the maple syrup.   Flip the plantains so they cook evenly on both sides.

Use a spatula (not metal if you’re using a non-stick pan) to move the plantains around frequently.  The maple syrup will bubble and form a crust around the plantains.  Cook for around 5 minutes and take off.

Enjoy!  I paired my plantains with an omelet smothered in salsa.  Healthy and yummy!


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