Why I Garden

Today’s world is crowded with articles about how terribly screwed up our food supply is.  The food industry is filled with cheap fillers, chemical additives, and highly addictive sugar.  It can feel overwhelming, depressing even, to think about how little any of us can do about our toxic food.  This is why I garden

I garden because it forms a personal bond between me and food.  It’s not a processed piece of crap coming out of a box.  The spinach I harvest from my garden is produced through my own efforts.  It’s a decision I can feel proud about making.  And in today’s world, any little victory is worthwhile.

I also garden because it makes me a happier, more active person.  I live with clinical depression.  When my depression was at its worst it was difficult to get up every morning, to leave the house,  to even get off the couch.  I felt like the world was void of light, void of brightness.  My garden reminds me of how wonderfully productive nature is.  I can walk out and smell my lavender or see a bee pollinating the salvia plants.  It’s a spot of bright, untarnished happiness. So, in addition to my ramblings……here’s some pictures.

The really huge, leafy plant grew directly out of my compost pile.  It’s starting to produce some fruit, either cucumbers or watermelons, not quite sure which.

This is my “salad patch.”  I planted marigolds as a border.  There is also broccoli, spinach onions, swiss chard, cilantro, and basil.

I guess to sum it all up, all I really have to say is, I really, really, love my garden.  I love the feeling of personal power even better.  I’m not passively consuming processed foods.  I’m doing something about how my body feels and looks.  And that’s an incredible feeling.


5 thoughts on “Why I Garden

  1. right there with you! my life is more enriched, so much more healthy since the whole house has gotten involved in gardening. im glad to find others who are living the same way! your plants look awesome! good luck!

    • It’s so much easier when there’s support. I feel incredibly grateful to have a fiance who is always complimenting me on my garden and loves to eat salad! Happy gardening!

      • That’s so fantastic! I think it’s so cool how ill have friends start asking about my garden because my man hadn’t stopped bragging. the garden is only the start to how I dream it but it makes me feel so great at how impressive it is to him. i completely understanding

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