The Joys of Langostinos

I found his lovely new seafood in Hyvee.  Very easy to cook!   Great to saute or put in a salad.  These take very little cooking.  The easiest way to cook them is to treat them like shrimp.  Butter and garlic, whoo hoo!




In the skillet:









But I Like Food!

What is it about eating out that totally ruins one’s diet????  Today I ate at Chilli’s.  I remembered how good their egg rolls were and just had to order some.  Then I entered the food in my online nutrition tracker and was floored by how high in calories that one meal was.  I “spent” 800 calories in one fell swoop! I also never realized how high in fat that one meal was either.  Another thing tracking my calories has made me realize is I need to add more protein in my diet.  I really do believe a gluten free lifestyle is the best option for me.  But sometimes it’s hard not to want to eat a tempting sandwich or egg roll!  So I guess the question I’m asking myself is how I keep the inspiration going?  And how do I eat what’s good for me and still like food?